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Heavy Equipment rentals

Water Truck Rentals

6x6 Water truck fully equipped

Whether you need a water truck for a short term or you need it for a year delivered to a remote location, AMG has you covered.

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Bulldozer Rentals


Do you need a fully equipped bulldozer with GPS or laser delivered tomorrow? Call us at (714) 409-3991.



Will you provide transport if we rent with you?

Yes, we have our own trucking company that can deliver to the most remote locations.

Can we send our own truck to pick up the equipment? 

Yes, no problem.

Do we need to perform maintenance on the equipment? 

You can maintain the equipment or we can provide maintenance. 

Is the equipment I need available? 

Call us to find out. Our inventory changes hourly so there is no right answer for this. 

Will you fuel the equipment?

No, our equipment leaves the yard with a full tank and should be returned the same way. You will be responsible for fueling.